Like looking at 50 shades of vanilla.

What does Captain America, Thor, Star-Lord and Captain Kirk have in common?

That’s right. They’re all white dudes named Chris.

“Hollywood’s best and whitest. Sorry I meant brightest!” Neil Patrick Harris joked at this year’s Oscars. The thing is, is that really a joke? Or is it actually fact?

Studies have shown that over the last 10 years of mainstream films, differing racial identities have been grossly under-represented by the film medium. From the top 100 movies alone – only 27% of these had speaking/named ethnic characters (this is based on a really really low standard – a speaking role constitutes of one line!) shared amongst African/Asian/Hispanic-descent actors and actresses. Whilst their European-descent counterparts dominated a hefty 73% of these roles.

What they’re trying to say is all other races descended down in the 1970s with “Shaft”.

This is because of something called “Caucasian Ethnocentricism”. A phenomenon where the public at large thinks that the “default” race is, invariably, Caucasians. This leads to a real problem in today’s society, where films are supposed to reflect contemporary stories – without reflecting the contemporary population. Which in turn leads to a lot of people feeling as being seen as “others” in the public, where their culture and race is something they need to hide and actively cover in order to fit in with the contemporary narrative.

The aim of this blog is to actively spotlight how far this phenomenon has reached Hollywood. The blog aims to make a hub thinking critically of the casting choices of films based on the narrative it shows – while showcasing better examples of ethnically-balanced cinema available in contemporary films.

Ultimately, dear reader, ask yourself, “Do I really need to see another white dude fall in love with another white girl and make out in the rain?”


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