Racism is Over : The Scorch Trials

Seriously, don’t.

Welcome to Racism is Over! A weekly post into the best cinematic offerings in current Australian theatres that offer diversity in cast and diversity in character.

Our maiden post for this week is : The Scorch Trials!

Scorch Trials is a sequel to the 2014’s The Maze Runner, you can get caught up pretty quickly in this movie, you can just straight up jump on this one without watching the last – they do a pretty good job of explaining the basic premise of the film’s universe.

This YA movie isn’t like the others, where minority characters often gets shafted in order to fuel the dystopian future’s super depressing state of affairs.

Story-wise, don’t believe what the other reviews tell you. It’s action packed, full of drama and will keep you at the edge of your seats. You actually feel for the characters and their struggles don’t seem as petty or as annoying as other YA films when compared to the dystopian society that they live in.

But let’s talk characters though.

Despite the familiar YA tropes (the Caucasian main character, the love story, the teenager focus), Scorch Trials really shone in its honest portrayal of different characters of color existing and being as balanced as their Caucasian counterparts.


Characters such as Minho, the Asian deuteraganist who completely DESTROYS the Model Minority trope by standing side-by-side with main character Thomas. He’s qualified and his friends and the main character know it, so he’s essentially leads with the main character at HIS side. Standing in equal position, if not higher, Minho is the strategic, survivalist mind of the group. And the group wouldn’t survive without him.

Damn, Brenda.

The second hella cool character Scorch Trials have is Brenda. The Latinx friend who they meet on their quest are integral to the plot. She doesn’t become  a damsel in distress or the oversexualised Latinx love interest. She’s cool, badass and really practical about the situations her and main character Thomas gets into.  A breath of fresh air in comparison to other Latinx characters in mainstream films.

So? What are you waiting for? Go watch the Scorch Trials now while they’re still in theatres!


One thought on “Racism is Over : The Scorch Trials

  1. It’s good to see that racism is somewhat disappearing in some films. But I still feel as though stereotypes are strongly applied on reality shows! It seems like producers like to apply quirky characteristics on the ethnic people. Any who, great article 🙂


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